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Tradition and technology

Fur factory "Simakhov" has its own production, equipped with modern equipment, and uses the latest advances in fur processing technologies. This makes it possible to preserve the thermal qualities of the fur and create a unique look.

Each of our products is the fruit of cooperation of a team of specialists: designer, fashion designer - constructor, technologist. The creation of any model requires painstaking work, patience and a lot of experience in working with fur.

Product design
The new image finds its first embodiment in the designer's sketches, gradually adding details and turning into patterns.
Sort and match fur
Led by a designer, specialists carefully select fur by color and pile length in accordance with the idea.
Cutting the product
An experienced seamstress cuts out the pieces from the patterns.
Assembling the product
Finished parts are sewn with a thin seam, taking into account the plasticity, thickness and elasticity of the skins, preventing excessive pulling of the material.
Suede, leather processing
Inclusion of leather or suede details in the overall image, if this is technologically provided in the model.
Dry cleaning
Cleans fur from contamination that may occur while working with it.
Running in the product
To soften the leather part and improve consumer qualities, the product is processed in a special retractable drum.
Final stage
The seamstress-packer puts a lining on the product and it is completed with the necessary fittings.
Finished product
Each piece is carefully examined to ensure that it matches the sample. The appearance, quality of processing, fit of the product are checked. Finished models are sent to the showroom or delivery department.
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