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Fur in the law: why labeling a fur coat?

Started as a voluntary experiment, the process of marking fur products with special radio chips has become a mandatory event for all manufacturers and suppliers of these very products. Not only the sale, but even the storage of properly unmarked products in a warehouse entails liability up to criminal liability throughout the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The reason for such a radical approach was the large number of counterfeit products (up to 80%, according to some experts) on the territory of the EAEU member states. Basically, fur coats were illegally imported from China, which, of course, had the most negative impact on the state of the state budget. Chipping makes it possible to trace the fate of each product from the moment of its import or from the moment of production in the case of domestic products. Thus, the income of the state will increase in a natural way due to the payment of tax and customs duties. In addition, the labeling will help to identify unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers who sell knowingly low-quality or counterfeit goods.

For the end consumer, the presence of a special control identification mark - KIZ - for a product means that:

- the purchased item really possesses the declared commercial qualities;

- complies with sanitary and hygienic standards and is guaranteed not to harm the health of its owner;

- has the required warranty period.

Our company treats all its customers with great respect, that is why each product of the Simakhov factory has a control chip and is registered in the Markirowka system.

It is very easy to find out all the information about a particular fur coat - you just need to read the QR code or enter the RFID tag number on the website of the Federal Tax Service.